Cal-Mag Liquid

Vital-Earth Cal-Mag Capsules

Experience the superior absorption of a powerful, alkaline pH liquid

With Cal-Mag’s liquid formulation, the absorption process starts immediately...right in the mouth.  Enzymes are activated as soon as Cal-Mag Liquid hits your taste buds, and its powerful absorption qualities continue throughout the GI tract.  This high absorption formula is already penetrating the cells by the time it reaches the stomach. 
Fulvic...the magic ingredient

Because Calcium is one of the most difficult elements for the body to digest and utilize, the addition of Fulvic greatly enhances the way the body handles this challenging process.  Fulvic metabolizes nutrients it comes in contact with and carries them directly through cell membranes where they are needed.  This one ingredient is highly significant for proper absorption, and it's the unique ingredient other formulas on the market don’t have.

5 Different Forms of Calcium
For maximum absorption, Cal-Mag Liquid contains multiple forms of calcium.  (NO poorly absorbed Calcium carbonate).   Cal-Mag Liquid is gentle for seniors and children, yet fully utilizable, even for individuals with difficult digestion.  And the additional co-factors, Magnesium, Vitamin D, Phosphorous, and Fulvic provide the necessary combination to assure the highest assimilation possible.

Calcium is a powerful alkalizer
Scientists have found that most diseases cannot survive in an alkaline environment, and that taking the proper type of Calcium can raise pH levels.  That's why Cal-Mag Liquid's proprietary formulation is so superior—it has an alkaline pH, and it's low glycemic.  Cal-Mag Liquid won't cause unwanted spikes in blood sugar, or the fat storage that accompanies products loaded with sugar.  Cal-Mag Liquid is flavored with natural pineapple citrus and tastes great.

Build strong bones now to keep them strong later
Many people don't realize that calcium is easily destroyed with today's food processing techniques.  For example, foods labeled as “Calcium Enriched” are often processed at such high   temperature, for various reasons such as shelf life, that the nutrient value is destroyed.  Because of this it becomes extremely difficult to get the full daily requirement of calcium and magnesium from your diet alone.  Asyou can imagine, this continual  depletion is a major contributing factor in developing Osteoporosis later in life.  A consistent daily program that supports building strong bones will directly affect bone density as you age.   Cal-Mag Liquid helps assure you’re providing your body with a superior supply of high quality, high absorption, calcium and magnesium.

32 oz. bottle
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Cal-Mag Ingredients and Benefits

Combination Formula:


Shake Well, Refrigerate After Opening

Directions: Adults: 1 fluid ounce daily. Take straight from the bottle or add to water, juice, or other Vital-Earth liquid products. For best absorption, take with food.

Shake well, refrigerate after opening

Cal-Mag Ingredients

32 oz. bottle
Purchase in quantities and save!

Buy 4 - Save $11.80

Vital Earth Cal-Mag Liquid        Quantity

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